IMERYS Kaolin – Mineral Solutions for Tomorrows Needs

IMERYS Kaolin is the world leading Kaolin producer. We are able to offer our customers product quality, supply reliability and technical support throughout the world. We mine our Kaolin from extensive high quality naturally occurring reserves and process them to develop solutions that improve our customer’s product performance and manufacturing efficiency.

We are proud to introduce our latest innovative developments. Please contact your local representative QCI Britannic for more information | Tel: 305 777 8932


Neogen MX™ is an improved Optical performance engineered calcined kaolin for Architectural Coatings. This product has been specifically engineered to provide an excellent optical performance in flat and low sheen interior and exterior architectural applications.

NeoGen MX Features:

  • High brightness
  • Irregular particle shape a particle size distribution


OpTiMax 0425 is an engineered alumina silicate designed to optimize the balance of optical and mechanical properties in mid to high PVC decorative coatings. For use in mid to high PVC decorative coatings Interior & exterior, solvent & water borne paints.

OpTiMax 0425 features:

  • Engineered particle size
  • High whiteness
  • Good burnish resistance


Hydrite UF 90 an ultrafine pigment spacer specifically designed for waterbased architectural coatings. Ultrafine hydrous kaolin is an important tool in any paint formulator’s toolbox and is commonly used to effectively space TiO2 and other pigments in both flat (<15%/85o) and non-flat (>15%/85o).

Hydrite UF 90 features:

  • High brightness
  • Steep, narrow particle size distribution
  • Excellent top cut


Hydrite TS 90 is a Maximum tint stregth addictive in gloss and semigloss waterbased arcitectural coatings. The partial replacement of TiO2 in gloss & semi-gloss architectural coatings space often results in a reduction in the tint strength and optical properties.

Hydrite TS 90 features:

  • Steep, narrow particle size distribution
  • Excellent top cut

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