Premier Partners


Emulsifiers for Oil in Water and Water in Oil systems, Dispersants for water and solvent systems, pH modifiers, Rust converters, antifoams

Trade Names: Disastab, Disacoat, Disafoam, Disaspers

Industries served: Coatings, inks, metal working/lubricants


Calcined, hydrous, and engineered kaolins, carbonates

Trade Names: NeoGen, Glomax, Hydrite, Optimax

Industries served: Coatings, inks, rubber and plastics

Attapulgite clays- antisettling agents

Trade Names: Min-U-Gel, ActiGel, Florigel

Industries served: Coatings, agriculture, building materials, construction


Waterbased pigment dispersions

Trade Names: Sinterdye

Industries served: Coatings


Bentonite Organoclays- Rheology agents

Trade Names: Viscogel, Laviothix, Laviokoll

Industries served: Coatings, Construction