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Our Products : Pigments

TOR MINERALS INTERNATIONAL produces different BARTEX grades to meet your specific needs. the base chemistry of all five prime grades is relatively the same. The products contain 98% BaSO4, and 0.4% SiO2 content with a low water solubles rate of 0.1 to0.2%. The pH is about 8. This chemistry is the hightes quality of any producer in the United States.

BARTEX has wide application potential including coatings, inks, adhesives, plastics, ceramics, and rubber goods. In paints and coatings, BARTEX 10 and BARTEX 65 are products of choice because of their hight whiteness and brighness level, which aid in stability of the color. These grades can replace most of your synthetic barium sulfate (Blanc Fixe) aplications. Another key  function is the good Hegman grind, which aids in the dispersion of the material in different systems. The low oil absorption aids in the low amount of liquid required to wet the system for incorporation. BARTEX can work well in all top coats, alkyds, polyesters, emulsions, and wood stains. BARTEX 45 and BARTEX 80 are the preferred extender pigments in primers because of their bulk density as well as particle size. BARTEX OWT has similar physical and chemical characteristics as BARTEX 65 except for its whiteness and brightness factors. It would be applied in the same areas in coatings as BARTEX 65 where color is not as critical as price.


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